This one-hour documentary is focused on first-generation college students, who travel the country chatting with diverse leaders who share their challenges and experiences. Created by the College Board and RoadTrip Nation, the documentary and companion Discussion Guide are designed for students and their mentors, teachers, or family members to spark meaningful conversations about students’ future aspirations and how to achieve them.


College Day Kits will include copies of this compelling film by Bernardo Ruiz and distributed by Independent Television Service (ITVS).  Watch the trailer.

This two-part, bilingual documentary explores pressing issues in education today through the eyes of six Latino and Latina adolescents from across the United States, offering first-hand perspectives on the barriers they have to overcome in order to make their dreams come true.


An excellent film by Adam and Jaye Fenderson, you may book a screening for your school or organization. Learn more and watch the trailer here.

Narrated by Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood, FIRST GENERATION tells the story of four high school students - an inner city athlete, a small town waitress, a Samoan warrior dancer, and the daughter of migrant field workers - who set out to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to their families and communities by pursuing a college education.

Shot over the course of three years and featuring some of our nation's top educational experts (Richard Kahlenberg, The Century Foundation; J.B. Schramm, College Summit; Dr. Bill Tierney, University of Southern California), this 95 minute documentary explores the problem of college access faced by first generation and low-income students and how their success has major implications for the future of our nation.

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