There Are Lots of Ways to Get Involved


College Day Leads

To get started, ask your Principal who s/he has named to be your school's College Day Lead. And if your Principal hasn't already named one, have him or her go here to share the College Day Lead's contact info. The College Day Lead should be on the lookout for your school’s College Day Kit, which all Santa Clara County schools will be receiving in September. It will include College Day Posters for every classroom and other giveaways to encourage your students to participate in College Day.

Lesson Plans and Resources

Then check out the treasure trove of Lesson Plans and Resources for every grade level right here on our website.   

Education Journey Posters

Perfect for posting in the "College Corner" of your classroom!  You can click here to get ideas for creating your own Education Journey poster, as well as print other College Day posters. 



Attend the Parent Conference at San Jose State. You can also volunteer at school on College Day; and encourage your children to go to college, using the many Resources we have posted here on the website.




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