Activity Ideas for Teachers & Parents

Wearing a College Day T-shirt


In addition to teaching a College Day Lesson Plan, there are lots of ways for teachers and parents to engage students and make College Day more fun and interesting. How about wearing a College Day t-shirt or the sweatshirt from your alma mater? Or share your own college experiences and fun facts about going to college. The activity lists below can help you find lots of little ways to make College Day have a big impact on your students and their futures.


  • NEW! A Successful First Sign In to (PDF Format, 990 KB)
    This 2-page document provides instructions and best practices for getting groups of students onto the website systematically.
  • NEW! Educator Guide to Career Planning Lessons (PDF Format, 306 KB)
    This 2-page document introduces students to career planning resources on, guides students through career planning assessments and tools, and helps students understand the connection between career and college.
  • Celebrating College Day in Your Classroom (PDF Format, 934 KB)
    This 2-page flier provides a list of suggested college day activities, including inviting a College Day speaker, and creating your own Education Journey poster to share with your students.
  • Ideas and Resources for Schools and Youth-Serving Organizations (PDF Format, 288 KB)
    This 1-page list gives both "Quick & Easy College-Going Activities" if you're short on time and resources, and also "More Complex College-Going Activities" if you've got more time and help.
  • Ideas and Resources for Parents (PDF Format, 219 KB)
    Parents can help too! This 1-page list gives parents some fun ideas to engage with their students about going to college.


Print College Day handouts that students can take home

Make an Education Journey poster

Get ideas for fun College Day games

Print bookmarks or labels as a College Day reminder

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